What We Know Today: Julianne Hough Quits ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ Pope Says Trump Not A Christian, Anti-Refugee Man Arrested In Scotland

What We Know Today: Julianne Hough Quits ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ Pope Says Trump Not A Christian, Anti-Refugee Man Arrested In Scotland
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Pope Francis Says Donald Trump Is “Not A Christian”


An in-flight press conference with Pope Francis would not be complete without a question about Donald Trump. The controversial GOP presidential candidate has controversial views about a slew of controversial topics, after all.

So, it was no surprise when the Pope was asked about his reaction to Trump referring to him as a political man and even “an instrument of the Mexican government for migration politics.” Trump has long made his views known about migration and Mexicans. And during his recent interview, he said that he plans to create a wall 2,500 kilometers long along the Mexican border should he win. At the same time, Trump had declared that he will deport 11 million illegal immigrants and would have no problems separating families in the process.

To this, the Pope said he is grateful that Trump had referred to himself as a politician, since Aristotle’s definition of a human being is actually “animal politicus.” That simply means he is human. On the other hand, the Pope believes that Trump is not a Christian, simply because “he has said things like that.” For the Pope, building walls instead of bridges is “not Christian.” Nonetheless, the Holy Father said he is willing give Trump the benefit of the doubt.

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Man Gets Arrested In Scotland For Anti-Refugee Comment On Facebook

In main Scotland, a 40-year-old man has been arrested for posting comments on Facebook against 12 Syrian refugee families who arrived in Scotland’s Isle of Bute in December. According to The Clarion Project, the man was arrested under the Communications Act.

Following the arrest, Inspector Ewan Wilson issued a statement saying he hopes the arrest sends a clear message to everyone that “Police Scotland will not tolerate any form of activity which could incite hatred and provoke offensive comments on social media.”

Julianne Hough Will Not Be Returning As ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Judge

Actress Julianne Hough has confirmed that she will no longer be returning to “Dancing with the Stars” to serve as judge for the upcoming season.

In a statement to People, Hough said, “I will miss being on the panel for Season 22, but have a lot of exciting stuff coming that I look forward to sharing.” Meanwhile, show producer Rob Wade remains hopeful that Hough will still be “back in the ballroom in the future,” while the former DTWS champion promises she will be back. For the moment, Len Goodman returns to take Hough’s place.

Season 22 of “Dancing with the Stars” is scheduled to return on March 21 on ABC.