What We Know Today: Captain Phasma Will Be In Next ‘Star Wars’ Movie, Boko Haram Burns Children Alive, World’s Best Chef Found Dead

What We Know Today: Captain Phasma Will Be In Next ‘Star Wars’ Movie, Boko Haram Burns Children Alive, World’s Best Chef Found Dead
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Boko Haram Attacks Village In Nigeria, Burns Children Alive


Nigerian Islamic extremist group Boko Haram has recently attacked the village of Dalori in Nigeria, leaving as much as 86 people dead. Some of these victims were children, who were burned to death.

According to a report from Al Jazeera, suspected Boko Haram began firing at civilians in Dalori on Saturday evening as they went around burning houses. Witnesses said they heard screams coming from children burned alive inside the houses. Meanwhile, Newsweek reports that three female suicide bombers had detonated explosives in the village. Moreover, reports indicate that the gunmen had also tried to force themselves into a camp that held 25,000 refugees. However, Nigerian troops managed to hold them back. Sixty-two people are now being treated for burns following the attack.

WHO Declares Global Emergency On The Zika Virus

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The World Health Organization (WHO) have declared the Zika virus a public health emergency. The disease has been spreading in Latin America and the Caribbean with a “cluster of microcephaly cases and other neurological disorders” found in Brazil. To add further concern is the fact that there are no reliable diagnostic tests currently available for the virus as well as a lack of vaccine.

The WHO believes that a “coordinated international response” must be organized in order to contain the spread in infected countries and prevent the Zika virus from spreading to other parts of the world.

World’s Best Chef Found Dead

Chef Benoit Violier, whose restaurant was named the best in the world last December, was found dead in his home. Initial reports indicate that the chef had died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

According to a report from the BBC, Mr. Violier’s Restaurant de l’Hotel de Ville in Crissier was named the best restaurant in the world by France’s La Liste. Moreover, the restaurant has also been awarded three Michelin stars. The late chef was reportedly due to attend the Paris launch of the new Michelin guide on Monday.

Gwendoline Christie To Return In Next ‘Star Wars’ Film

During the red carpet of the 2016 SAG Awards, “Game of Thrones” star Gwendoline Christie revealed to PEOPLE that her character will be reappearing for the next “Star Wars” film.

While on Saturday’s red carpet, the 37-year-old actress told PEOPLE Deputy Editor JD Heyman, “I will be in the next ‘Star Wars’ movie. I think that’s an exclusive, actually.” Christie plays the role of Captain Phasma, a female stormtrooper last seen being thrown into a trash compactor by Finn and Han Solo. It seems the captain survived the fall after all.

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