Knife Wielding Man Kills Teacher, Student In Sweden School Attack

Knife Wielding Man Kills Teacher, Student In Sweden School Attack
Venetian carnival mask Stuart Heath / Flickr CC BY 2.0

A teacher and a student were killed in an attack Thursday at a school in Trollhattan, Sweden. The attacker, who was wielding a knife or a sword, was eventually shot by the police, according to authorities.


Another teacher and student, injured in the attack on the Kronan primary and middle school, were transported to the hospital in Trollhattan, where they remain in serious condition.

According to BBC News, an emergency call came in at around 10:10 a.m. local time Thursday. The caller informed the police of an attack in the cafe area of the Kronan school. When the police arrived at the scene, they found a dead teacher near the entrance. Two male students and a teacher, who were injured in the incident, were immediately transported to the hospital; however, one of the students died. The other student and teacher are being treated for knife injuries in intensive care. They’ve been declared serious yet stable.

The attacker, who was shot by the police, was also taken to the hospital; but has died. While he has been identified by the police, they haven’t released his name. Upon searching his house, some “interesting” things were discovered, spokesman Thord Haraldsson said in a news conference.

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The attacker was wearing a mask and black clothes, because of which the students thought he was playing a Halloween joke, a student identified as Edona said. The student said that the man was “walking like a soldier, kind of, with a sword in his hand.” When he began attacking, “we were pretty shocked, all of us,” Edona said.

Sara, a student identified by Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet who witnessed the attack, said the attacker was playing “horrible, Halloween type” music and did not speak. He was holding a bloody knife and her friends thought it was a joke and wanted to be photographed with him. A teacher, who came out and asked what the man was doing, said, “You’re scaring the children, go away.” He then stabbed the teacher in the side.

As reported by CNN, the “attacker’s possible links to right-wing organizations” is currently being looking into, police spokeswoman, Jenny Widen, said.

Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, who arrived at the scene, called it “a dark day for Sweden.”

“My thoughts go out to the victims and their families, pupils and staff, and the entire community that has been affected. There are no words to describe what they are going through right now.” He further said, “No words can describe what they are going through right now. We must ensure that they receive all the support they need,” he said.