Knicks Rumors: Lance Stephenson To New York, Will It Bring More Good Than Harm?

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What's This?

Lance Stephenson continues to wait for an NBA stint but so far no one has bothered. From a promising player when he was still with the Indiana Pacers, his career has been on the downturn.


With that said, the best scenario for Stephenson is to probably settle for a one-year minimum deal. But which team will take a chance on the temperamental swingman?

The New York Knicks loom as a possible destination though there is a lot to consider. One is how Stephenson would fit in a team that technically has all spots covered.

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A Big Boost Offensively Off The Bench

Stephenson knows what it takes when his team needs points. He can be creative and unstoppable once he gets into the groove.

For a team that has Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose, would factoring in Stephenson be needed? The best scenario is for Stephenson to step up off the bench, particularly when Anthony and Rose are cooling their heels.

Inconsistently Inconsistent

A worry is his consistency. Stephenson struggled with the Charlotte Hornets and the Los Angeles Clippers though some glimmer of hope came with the Memphis Grizzlies. Despite his efforts, the Grizzlies opted to part with him and technically send him spiraling to reality.

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The inconsistency angle is a cause for concern, which Phil Jackson may be wary about. The last thing he would want is taking in someone who can be an excess baggage.

Though he could save a lot by getting in Stephenson, there are other players who are younger, which Jackson and new coach Jeff Hornacek could work on.

As mentioned earlier, the Knicks have more than enough players on the roster who play the same position as Stephenson. If ever he would be added, it would likely be a temporary reprieve.

Similar to what the Clippers did, if Stephenson fails to impress then he may not last the whole season. The Knicks may not be able to trade him meaning it would be a waste of cap space.

If no team comes knocking, Stephenson’s only option may be to play overseas, where he can work up and hope for a future call back to the NBA.

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