KKK Is Recruiting, Distributes Fliers In Kentucky

KKK Is Recruiting, Distributes Fliers In Kentucky
Ku Klux Klan Martin / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

KKK, the white supremacist group, is back in town. The Klu Klux Klan is recruiting new members by calling to send Muslims and Mexicans “back where they came from.”


If you are keen on joining the movement, note that KKK in Kentucky is distributing fliers in its recruiting pitch. “We shall rise, we shall fight, we shall stand hand in hand cause we are the Ku Klux Klan. We are back in town. Call to join,” one flier reads. That’s the only non-vulgar line on the fliers, which requests new members to target people of certain races.

While world leaders are preaching progressive thinking and tolerant measures to tackle terrorism, trust in the KKK to remind everyone that right-winged extremists still have a voice. Under the first amendment, the Klan is free to distribute any fliers they want. The cops in Kentucky have no choice but to let the recruiting drive persist.

Following the terrorist attacks in Paris and harsh anti-Islamic rhetoric from Donald Trump, KKK fliers began to surface all over Campbellsville, including a few on the front steps of the city hall and police department. According to WDRB, the fliers, also found outside of homes and offices, were placed in plastic bags with rocks used to hold them down.

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“Phones were lit up when people started finding them,” said Campbellsville Police Chief Patricia Thompson. “Whoever is putting these out, they weren’t from this area. They’re bringing their hateful literature into our area, trying to recruit,” added Thompson.

When WDRB News contacted a phone number on the flier, they were connected to a Kentucky woman. “There is no reason behind it. It’s just something we came up with for recruitment purposes. We thought it was cute,” said the woman, who didn’t want to identify herself except to acknowledge that she was affiliated with the KKK.


  • your mom

    For every action, an equal and opposite reaction. The far rights’ rise is a natural response to the inaction of Western Governments concerning unchecked immigration. Nationalism, is on the rise world wide because there’s a very real threat to civilized societies. It’s Islamic terrorism, and it’s open border policies put in place by idealistic liberals. This article would paint all people who seek to preserve their sovereignty as right wing extremists, but the truth is the author nor any amount of liberalism can hide the truth.