Kingdom Hearts 3′ Release Date For Xbox One Cancelled, KH3 Will Be PS4-Exclusive

Kingdom Hearts 3′ Release Date For Xbox One Cancelled, KH3 Will Be PS4-Exclusive
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After more than a decade of waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3, there may be hints that the game will be made exclusively for the PS4. This was after the game was removed from the Japaneses Xbox One website.


While this could just be the result of a glitch in the website, making the game exclusive for the PS4 is not surprising. The game has never been on any Xbox platform, and until it was announced nobody expected it to be available on the Xbox One.

According to Attack of the Fanboy, until recently there has been a listing for Kingdom Hearts 3 on the Japanese Xbox website. However the listing can no longer be found and instead the original link directs to a missing page.

No Kingdom Hearts 3 For Japan?

Considering the poor performance of the console in Japan, Square Enix might have decided against releasing it in the country. What this means for other countries is still unclear. However, we can safely assume that the Xbox One release will continue as planned.

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SONY being a Japanese company already has a strong foothold in the country. Given the homogenous culture of Japan, favoring homegrown brands than foreign ones is not unusual.

This is not the first time a game release was cancelled in Japan. It would be highly unlikely that anyone in Japan would buy an Xbox One to play KH3 when they can play it in the PS4.

Some believe that the game should never have been released for the Xbox in the first place. However since the release date is still far off, anything can still happen.

It’s still unclear whether Japan will be the only one bailing out on the Xbox One version of Kingdom Hearts 3. Since the console is doing well in other countries, the Xbox One version of the game might still make an appearance after all.

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