‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Release Date: Here’s What We Know So Far

‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Release Date: Here’s What We Know So Far
Kingdom Hearts Unchained X: Hironori Okayama Exclusive Interview – The Koalition YouTube / The Koalition
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During the recently held Pax East 2016, Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, also known as Unchained X, is now available in English North America for iOS and Android users. But it has been reported that it’s not entirely a spin-off, but a totally different story, which makes Kingdom Hearts 3 release more intriguing to many fans.


Unchained X, set before the Keyblade War, is the prequel to the entire Kingdom Hearts saga from Japanese game developer Square Enix. Amid growing clamor for a definitive date of release, this time, Kingdom Hearts fans must have to be a little more patient.

In a recent interview, Hironori Okayama, producer of Unchained X, told The Koalition’s Senior Editor Jake James Lugo nothing specific about the date of the anticipated release. Okayama, however, did give a hint of the probable time frame: before this year ends.

During the interview, Okayama promised to give more information about the launch of Kingdom Hearts 3 in the upcoming E3 2016 event with Square Enix. Meanwhile, Kingdom HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue will be made available on PS4 platform within the year.

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Unchained X is a mobile game where the player has the option to customize and choose among different protagonists and pick from among five factions to join in. The factions, also called unions, will give players the objectives to collect the so-called Lux.

Based on the fate of Final Fantasy, it’s likely that it’s only a matter of time that Kingdom Hearts 3 will also be made available for the PC, the Master Herald reported. But for now, let’s wait for the official announcement of its release.

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