Kim Rhode No Sponsors: First Woman To Medal in Six Consecutive Olympics Ignored?

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Kim Rhode, the first woman to medal in six consecutive Olympics, is said to be ignored by sponsors and the media.


The Olympian was rumored to being ignored as she is a supporter of Donald Trump and an avid advocate of gun control.

Who is Kim Rhode and why would rumors claim she is being ignored?

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Here are some facts about Olympian Kim Rhode.

As interviewed by US magazine, Kim Rhode said she is a lover of video games. “Growing up, I played lots of video games and I believe this helped to develop my hand-eye coordination.” Currently, she is into “Clash of Clans.” She is also fond of playing board games.

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His father also knew when she was a little that someday, she will also collect a lot of medals. She said that when she saw her father’ high school and college trophies from wrestling, his dad made the statement.

“My dad was quick to point out that someday I would have trophies of my own. I replied, “I don’t think so, not that many!” As usual, he was right!” she said.

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Kim Rhode also revealed that she is related to two presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams. She is also a kin of Samuel Morse, the inventor of Morse Code.

Aside from skeet shooting, Kim Rhode is also a fan of old cars and trucks. She currently owns 15 vehicles that she enjoys working on.

Kim Rhode is also an owner of a boutique recording studio called Wail House Recording.

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Apart from earning her sixth Olympic gold medal, Kim Rhode made headlines this week after she was allegedly ignored by media outfits and sponsors.

Andrew Stiles at Heat Street, as reported by New York Times, said that many does ignore Kim Rhode because she “used a gun to win her medals, even if it’s the kind of gun that most gun-control advocates don’t want to ban.”

Kim Rhode also spoke vocally about her support of the Second Amendment at the 2012 Republican convention in 2012 and Donald Trump.

Despite claims that she was being ignored, Kim Rhode was actually featured in various publications, Snopes said.

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