Kim Kardashian’s Father Robert Cheated On Kris Jenner, Self-Made Sex Tapes Selling Like Hotcakes To Germans And Chinese!

Kim Kardashian’s Father Robert Cheated On Kris Jenner, Self-Made Sex Tapes Selling Like Hotcakes To Germans And Chinese!
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Kris Jenner and ex-husband Robert Kardashian’s sex video might leak online. While that does not sound surprising anymore, there is a new report that says Robert made several videos, and not only with Kris. Seems like Robert not only cheated on Kris, he made sure the treacherous acts are captured on camera too.


Ian Halperin, a Kardashian biographer and a New York Times’ bestselling author, asserted that the late Robert Kardashian filmed his “extra marital affairs.” The videos were not found from just anybody — they’re with best selling novelist Jackie Collins too!

According to the Mirror UK, before Collins died last year, Halperin was able to tracked down the sex tapes from her. Halperin said in a statement to The Sun, “Jackie was in love with the Kardashians’ success and said if it was not for Kim’s sex tape, the Kardashian wouldn’t have got a TV show.” Halperin then added, “Collins claimed the Kardashian family was no strangers to sex tapes and said Robert Kardashian, whose hobby was photography, used to film some of his dalliances and extra-marital affairs on video cameras.”

That being said, according to Perez Hilton, Halprin revealed he recently learned from a Kardashian source that some of those sex videos still exist and are currently being sold for a huge sum of money in Europe and beyond.

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Halperin pointed out however, that the Kardashian sex videos can’t be published in the United States, as the video required multi-party consent.

Outside America, the tapes are particularly attractive to Germans and the Chinese. Even though the tapes are 20 years old, these patrons are very eager to pay big bucks to acquire the sex videos.

Anyway, Halperin finds Jackie a reliable source of information for the Kardashian, as the best-selling novelist and the Kardashian mom were pretty close to each other. Kris Jenner even released a touching tribute when Collins passed away at the age of 77 last fall.

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