Kim Kardashian, Calvin Harris Ganging Up On Taylor Swift?

Kim Kardashian, Calvin Harris Ganging Up On Taylor Swift? Lorena Cupcake / Flickr CC

The Taylor Swift drama continues as two of her presumably biggest enemies these days, Kim Kardashian and ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris, have found an ally in each other.


Are they planning a huge reveal? What is still there to reveal? Are they making an alliance to destroy Tay-Tay?

These could be among the questions that some fans have been thinking about following the sighting of Mrs. West and the Scottish DJ together in a party.

Amid this situation, is Taylor Swift’s new boyfriend, Tom Hiddleston, coming out to defend her from the drama that she may experience should Kim Kardashian and Calvin Harris throw some more shades at her?

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According to Perez Hilton, the 35-year-old reality TV star and 32-year-old electronic artist rubbed elbows at the party organized by the former’s younger sister Kendall Jenner at the OUE Skyspace.

The entertainment blogger even described the meeting as “inneresting” considering that it happened few days after they both threw shade at the “Bad Blood” singer.

On Thursday, Calvin Harris took to Twitter to air his thoughts, while Kim Kardashian was featured in a promotional clip of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” trashing Taylor Swift.

“I figure if you’re happy in your new relationship you should focus on that instead of trying to tear your ex bf down for something to do,” Cal tweeted, Perez Hilton said in a separate report.

Meanwhile, the wife of Kanye West hinted that T-Swift is a liar by not admitting that she actually gave a blessing to the rapper’s “Famous” lines, E! News reported.

“And you know just another way to play the victim,” the mother of two alleged. “It definitely got her a lot of attention the first time.”

As Taylor Swift appeared to have starred in a long drama with ex-beau Calvin Harris and Kim Kardashian lately, how will Tom Hiddleston save her?

Entertainment Tonight disclosed that the 35-year-old actor has already introduced the 26-year-old pop star to his “Thor” family.

Is this his way of showing that he has his girlfriend’s back?

Keep posted for more updates on Taylor Swift drama involving Calvin Harris and Kim Kardashian.

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