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Killer Clowns Update: Identity Of Kroacky Klown Discovered, Teen Arrested

Killer Clowns Update: Identity Of Kroacky Klown Discovered, Teen Arrested
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Killer Clowns Update: Identity Of Kroacky Klown Discovered, Teen Arrested

What initially appeared to be a ruse has suddenly got the entire nation under its grip. The clown craze has turned into a national issue, and police are trying to make the most of their power to bring the suspects down.

The Hopkins police apprehended a 15-year-old girl on Tuesday in connection with the Kroacky Klown threat that had got a number of Minnesota cities gripping with fear. The Bloomington juvenile, whose name has been withheld, created a fake Facebook account using her sister’s cellphone with an intent to scare her boyfriend, said police sergeant Mike Glassberg.

“Kroacky Klown has been identified and charges will be pursued for their threats,” Hopkins police said in its own notice late Tuesday on Facebook.

The Kroacky Klown’s Facebook profile photo has the display of a clown behind bars, with a “sinister sneer” and a “bloody gash” over one eye, reports Star Tribune.

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One of the multiple Kroacky Klown’s threats on Facebook reads: “If you live in the following Minnesota cities you are in danger: Bloomington, Richfield, Minneapolis, Brooklyn Park, St. Paul, Rochester, Apple Valley, Plymouth or HOPKINS. My clown brothers are in every city listed.”

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Meanwhile, St. Paul Public School posted on Twitter and Facebook on late Tuesday, requesting parents to remind children to never accept a friend request on social media from an unidentified person, especially someone disguised as a clown.

As per MPR News’ reports, similar accounts of clown threats have been reported over the past few days in Farmington, Shakopee, and Anoka County including many other U.S. cities. Police have warned parents and students against the clown craze that could land them in a great deal of trouble. A terroristic threat is a serious felony in Minnesota and could result in up to five years behind the bars.

“There could be a variety of charges to look at by obviously one of the possibilities is terroristic threats,” said sergeant Mike Glassberg.

With a view to mitigate the threats, Hopkins police have requested parents to talk to their children about the gravity of these threats, which are expected multiply as Halloween nears.

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