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Killer Clowns Sighting: 23 Killed In Canada And Facts To Know

Killer Clowns Sighting: 23 Killed In Canada And Facts To Know
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Killer Clowns Sighting: 23 Killed In Canada And Facts To Know

Reports of a murderous gang of clowns has got the entire US in its grip, with more than a handful of arrests been made amidst claims of hoaxes.

The frenzy came to life in late August this year when a South Carolina resident reported of a shady bunch of clowns supposedly luring children into the woods. It has, since then, transfigured into a matter of national concern, with reports of “clown-related activity” started to surface in more than two dozen US states.

The latest reported incident about this gang probably is the butchering of 23 victims in Canada after these clowns presumably migrated from the US state of North Carolina earlier this month.

However, the possibility of this report being a hoax is multiplied by the fact that there is no solid evidence (or no evidence at all) proving the existence of these killer clowns. Moreover, The Global Sun website that reported the Canada murder massacre is a ‘fake news’/satire website which publishes “made-up stories” and therefore, any such reports from this site or other akin sites cannot be taken into account.

The Global Sun being a fake news site has also been validated recently by, a website that’s dedicated to bring out the facts behind rumors. “Fake news web sites have taken advantage of the recent uptick in coulrophobia to publish bogus reports about clown-related deaths. However, clowns did not kill 23 people in Canada, nor was a clown shot in Fort Wayne, Indiana,” according to Snopes.

According to Time, the Rainbow City Police Chief Jonathon Horton has declared many of these clown-sightings as mere ruses. Although, at least seven people face felony charges of making a terrorist threat dressed as clowns, the police department has, however, dismissed a majority of these unsubstantial reports.

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“The problem is that someone dressed like a clown could scare someone and there’s a possibility, a possibility you could end up with someone getting shot,” Lt. Mike Bandish of the Palm Bay Police Department told USA Today. “A person could think that they’re about to get robbed,” he added.

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