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Killer Clowns Pranksters May Face Charges Of Terrorizing People

Killer Clowns Pranksters May Face Charges Of Terrorizing People
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Killer Clowns Pranksters May Face Charges Of Terrorizing People

Killer Clowns 2016: The creepy clowns are terrorizing people with their killer ways. Now it has been alleged that the killer clowns are planning a purge night on Sunday, Oct.30.

The killer clowns have been scaring the people of the U.S. for a few months now. However, now it is being said that with Halloween just round the corner on Oct.31, the clowns may indulge in mass killings.

According to Network World, if you dress like clown, you might end up being arrested and charged with “inducing panic and terroristic threatening.” With killer clowns in full swing in the country, there is a lot of frenzy on social media.

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Gallatin County Sheriff Josh Neale warned that people behind “clown threats” might face charges of terrorizing people. He contacted the FBI and Homeland Security over the killer clown threat.

So, during this Halloween people may have to skip wearing a sinister clown costume. Besides, the killer clowns have now gone global with sightings in UK and Australia too.

Are these clowns nasty murderers? The phenomena of the clowns started in Greenville in South Carolina in August.

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The clowns were trying to lure kids to the woods. They have also been terrorizing kids and adults alike in places like parks, chasing, assaulting, and even threatening to kill them.

People first thought that the clowns were some kind of promotion for the film “It” by Stephen King. Later they thought that clowns were just trying to prank people.

Meanwhile, Neale has asked people to report every threatening message to the police. Apart from FBI and Homeland Security, Barbourville Police from Kentucky warned that dressing like a clown maybe dangerous.

There are no intelligence reports with authorities suggesting that ‘Killer Clown Purge’ event will happen on Oct.30, a day prior to Halloween, Chatt Sports Net reports. But, the general public have been asked to be vigilant by the New Jersey and Fair Lawn Police.

In a related development, Target has stopped selling clown masks, while McDonald’s is pulling back its brand mascot, Ronald McDonald’s public appearances now, US Weekly reports. Thanks to the killer clowns phenomenon, the original clowns or entertainers are now out of work, Telegraph UK reports.

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