‘Kill Bill 3’ Still Possible, Says Quentin Tarantino

‘Kill Bill 3’ Still Possible, Says Quentin Tarantino
Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore via Compfight cc
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Acclaimed director Quentin Tarantino sat down for an interview with New York magazine. Not one to sugarcoat his words, the filmmaker revealed his distaste for “True Detective” and artsy Cate Blanchett movies. Despite talking about his upcoming film “The Hateful Eight,” what is perhaps the most striking part of the interview was his revelation that “Kill Bill 3” has always been a possibility.


“Kill Bill: Vol. 1” was released in 2003, while the second volume was shown a year after. The movies tell the story of Uma Thurman’s The Bride wrecking havoc among those who wronged her and killed her baby. Until now, fans are kept in the dark as to the real status of another sequel.

As previously reported by Morning News USA, Tarantino noted in a previous interview that a possible sequel could involve Nikki, the daughter of Vernita ”Copperhead” Green, who was murdered by The Bride as a form of vengeance. “It would be Nikki going out to get revenge on the Bride,” Quentin had said. “Uma wouldn’t be the star, she’d kind of be the bad guy, because the little girl kind of deserves her revenge.”

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In the recent interview, the reporter asked him, “Is Kill Bill 3 also off the table?” To which he answered, “No, it’s not off the table, but we’ll see.” Tarantino also shared how it felt like releasing the first volume of the ultra-violent films. “The last time that I felt competitive was when I was doing Kill Bill and my competition was The Matrix Reloaded.”

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His thoughts about his so-called competition? “I saw Matrix Reloaded at the Chinese Theatre the day it opened, and I walked out of the cinema singing that Jay Z song: ‘S-dot-Carter / Y’all must try harder / Competition is nada.'”

He wasn’t shy to admit how he hated other movies by other directors. “Half of these Cate Blanchett movies — they’re all just like these arty things. I’m not saying they’re bad movies, but I don’t think most of them have a shelf life.” So which movies does he think would be watched for 30 or more years? “The Fighter” and “American Hustle.”

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