Kill Bill 3 Release Possible? Uma Thurman Wants To Return; Kill Bill 3 Plot Revealed

Kill Bill 3 Release Possible? Uma Thurman Wants To Return; Kill Bill 3 Plot Revealed
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“Never say never,” Quentin Tarantino said, when asked if he is open to directing “Kill Bill 3.”


“We’ll see when it comes to Kill Bill 3.”

Kill Bill – again?

The Oscar-winning director has talked about the possibility of a third installment that would continue the story of the Bride, Beatrix, as she kills and eliminates multitudes of assassins who stand in her way.

The original movies starred Uma Thurman, Daryl Hannah and David Carradine, with the first released in 2003, and the second, 2004.

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Eleven years later, is a third “Kill Bill” movie possible? Tarantino says yes.

“Uma (Thurman) would really like to do it,” he said while talking about his new movie “The Hateful Eight” in Comic Con last July, “we talk about it every once in a while.”

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Ideas for Kill Bill 3 new plot revealed

More than ten years ago, Tarantino revealed one of his ideas for a follow-up film. The story would revolve around little Nikki, Vernita ”Copperhead” Green’s daughter, the child that appears near the beginning of the first movie.

It can be recalled that Nikki saw her own mother get killed by the Bride.

“When you grow up,” the Bride told Nikki after murdering Copperhead, “if you still feel raw about it, I’ll be waiting.”

Turns out, the director had plans for that particular scene.

“It would be Nikki going out to get revenge on the Bride,” he said back in 2004. “Uma wouldn’t be the star, she’d kind of be the bad guy, because the little girl kind of deserves her revenge.”

That would definitely require commitment from everyone involved in order for it to work.