KickassTorrents and Torrentz Down: What Are The Alternatives?

KickassTorrents and Torrentz Down: What Are The Alternatives?
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Two more torrent sites bit the dust with KickassTorrents and Torrentz shutting down. The crackdown continues on illegally streamed movies though the initiative still has a long way to go.


KickassTorrents went down following the arrest of its alleged founder, Artem Vaulin, in Poland while Torrentz quietly exited in early August with no clue on the reason behind it.

The belief is that may have shut down following the apprehension of Vaulin though this is more of speculation than fact. Regardless, downloaders will need to find other sites to get hold of files, a tricky part considering some may offer more than the mediums (i.e. malware, viruses).

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The Alternative Download Sites

Right now there are some sites to consider, some of which may be familiar. YTS/YIFY and The Pirate Bay lead the pack, two sites which previously shut down but are now surprising back up.

ExtraTorrent is still up though its updates are erratic. RarBG is another site worth pondering and a lot of others can be found via Reddit as shared by avid torrent downloaders.

As warned earlier, most of these sites still carry some risks so users who plan to check them out better make sure they are properly protected with the latest anti-virus software. Be wary of sites, particularly the ones which normally have pop-ups with one single click.

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Of the mix, YTS and The Pirate Bay have a reliable list as both have been credited with quality downloads and a lot of files. But like Torrentz and Kickass, there is no telling if they too could at one point bite the dust.

Aside from Reddit, Tech Worm offers a useful list of torrent sites to consider visiting, risks included. As many will probably notice, the fight against piracy and illegal downloads may still be a far way off.

The big players have slowly been taken down but some have managed to return, The Pirate Bay of which is a concrete example.

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  • Aria Pat

    Yes, it’s a shame that torrentz and KAT are gone. I’ll really miss them.
    For now I have started using direct links for getting my TV Shows. Safer that way 🙂
    For torrents I tried

    Seems to be working like the original torrentz so far 🙂
    Let’s hope this one stays up.