KFC Serves Candlelit Dinner For 2 On Valentine’s Day

KFC Serves Candlelit Dinner For 2 On Valentine’s Day
KFC Marufish / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

If you’re still looking for a nice place to take your date to on Valentine’s Day, look no further than the nearest KFC location near you. If you’re in the UK, that is.


KFC in the UK has decided to do something for romantic customers on Valentine’s Day to make date night extra special. On Sunday, dinner for two across all KFC outlets in the UK will come with fancy table service, which includes table cloth, linen napkins, some flowers, a candelabra and a “sommelier” that will pour soft drinks for you and your date.

And what exactly can a couple in love partake in during this special KFC date? Well, a bucket of fried chicken may not sound so romantic, but then again, rarely anyone says no to crispy deep fried food. And if you don’t feel like ordering a bucket, how about having KFC’s spicy zinger burger? For KFC regional manager Gary Mather, this zinger “is all you need for love at first bite and our table is perfect for any hot date this Valentine’s Day.”

It seems KFC’s inspiration for its new table service came from surprising new research regarding couples and the way splurge for their date. According to a report from Mirror, new research found that more couples are opting to go low-key when it comes to dinner. In fact, 38 percent would rather have a simple meal while only four percent prefer to go for something a little more expensive.

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At the same time, it was found that 62 percent (3 in 5) actually value effort over price tags when it comes to gifts. Typically, Brits only spend around £13 for their special someone on Valentine’s Day.

According to Fast Food, the price of a KFC Bargain Bucket starts at £10.09.

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