Kevin McHale’s Wife Blasts Rockets GM On Twitter

Kevin McHale’s Wife Blasts Rockets GM On Twitter
Rockets v Thunder 39 by Norma Gonzalez thepanamerican / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Kevin McHale has been fired as Houston Rockets’ head coach on Wednesday. Earlier today, the Boston Celtics legend’s wife took to Twitter to express her displeasure.


These tweets (now deleted) were anything but subtle.

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Mrs. McHale took shots at Daryl Morey, the controversial Rockets GM, who justified McHale’s firing by pointing to the urgency of the situation in the Western Conference. According to Morey, “There is not time in the tough Western Conference to wait for a turnaround.” Morey and Houston forgot that this is the same McHale who took Rockets to the Western Conference Finals barely six months ago.

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James Harden can play defense?

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Mrs. McHale’s “@KardarsianCurse is real” comment is directly related to James Harden dating Khloe Kardashian. Clearly, Mrs. McHale isn’t the only one who believes in the Kardashian Curse.

Charles Barkley joined in the fun. “I just think Daryl Morey screwed Kevin McHale,” the Hall of Famer said on Colin Cowherd’s radio program yesterday. “Obviously me and Daryl Morey (Rockets GM) don’t like each other, because he’s one of those analytics geeks who think you get numbers winning games instead of players. The guy just was in the (Western) Conference finals five months ago, and he sucks after 11 games? I just think that’s really unfair to Kevin McHale … I just think it’s the GM covering his own ass, and Kevin McHale got screwed.”

Meanwhile, Celtics President Danny Ainge already has a job waiting for his former teammate. “I’ve always tried to get Kevin (McHale) to come work with me and work with my big guys,” Ainge was quoted as saying by the Boston Herald. “I told Kevin that today. … We’ve got a spot for him. I know we could figure something out for him in some capacity, but I think he’s just in a wait-and-see mode.

“He appreciated me reaching out to him, but I think he’s just going to lay low. He’s probably got bigger and better things to do – or more relaxing things to do,” added Ainge.

McHale has been replaced by J.B. Bickerstaff as the interim coach. There is still no word if Rockets will hire a new head coach this season.