Kevin Durant Ready To Embrace New Role With Warriors

Kevin Durant, the 2013-14 MVP, has always been the alpha male. But the forward is about to enter his first-ever season as a second or even third scoring option on any given night.


Durant, who has the third highest PPG in history and is top-10 in career usage rate, isn’t used to playing “a role” but realizes that he needs to make sacrifices for the betterment of the team.

“I’m not gonna get into that. I may shoot 25 shots one game, I may shoot 7,” was Durant’s response on Thursday when asked about how he plans to adjust his game. 

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson attempted a combined 37.5 shots last season (Curry 20.2 and Thompson 17.3). Needless to say, the Splash Brothers would also have to make sacrifices in order to accommodate Durant.

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Many analysts feel Durant’s role is set to liken that of Thompson, meaning he’d be more of a 3-and-D player who spots up for three-pointers and plays lockdown defense at the other end.

Unlike in Oklahoma City Thunder, where Durant was the secondary playmaker and ball-handler behind Russell Westbrook, Durant wouldn’t be afforded that luxury in Golden State with Curry and Draymond Green already performing that role to near perfection.

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Kevin Durant feeling at home

After Thursday’s training camp session, Durant revealed that the Warriors players, especially Draymond Green, were making him feel at home as he enters his first season with a new team after spending nine years in Oklahoma City.

“So everybody’s trying to make me feel comfortable. Coming from me, I’m just trying to help everybody else out.

“But when you have teammates that are unselfish and want you to do well, it shows, man. It shows out on the floor as well,” said Durant.

The former four-time scoring champion also revealed that Green asked him to be more aggressive during training even though Durant took a passive approach.

“Yeah, I shot a lot today, and Draymond told me I wasn’t aggressive enough. So that’s great for me.

“Green was just basically telling me to shoot more,” added Durant, who signed a two-year, $54 million max contract with the Warriors this summer.

Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors begin their preseason against the Toronto Raptors on Oct. 1.

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