Kesha News Update: Confirmed! Lady Gaga Holding Hands With ‘TiK ToK’ Singer

Kesha News Update: Confirmed! Lady Gaga Holding Hands With ‘TiK ToK’ Singer
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Kesha had an emotional week when a presiding Supreme Court justice refused an injunction for her rape case against Dr. Luke. However, her burdens may be lighter this time around as a photo of her and Lady Gaga surfaced showing the “American Horror Story: Hotel” actress holding her hand with a firm grasp.


Although Dr. Luke, the executive producer of two of Kesha’s successful albums, recently announced that he displayed no sexual innuendos or had a relationship with Kesha despite the allegations, the latter may have found her safe spot – right under the wings of the legendary Grammy Award winner, Lady Gaga.

As reported by People, Lady Gaga recently uploaded a photo of herself and Kesha holding hands. The photo was the “American Horror Story: Hotel” actress’s way of showing her support for Kesha, who is currently battling her way to freedom from Sony Music and Dr. Luke.

In fact, Gaga also tweeted last February 19, “There are people all over the world who love you @KeshaRose. And I can say truly I am in awe of your bravery.”

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As a response to tremendous support from her peers including Taylor Swift, Kesha also posted a lengthy statement via her Facebook account (see below), reports The Verge.

At present, Kesha’s case against Dr. Luke has not been pretty as she was deprived of going against the contract that condemns her to work with an alleged oppressor. However, a statement released from Dr. Luke’s camp states that she will not be forced by Sony Music to continue working with him.

Will Kesha be granted her freedom in the days to come? Will Lady Gaga’s support and show of love affect the court’s decision?

I’m so, so beyond humbled and thankful for all of the support I’vereceived from everyone. Words cannot really express…

Posted by Kesha on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

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