Kentucky Noah’s Ark With Dinosaurs: Standing Proof That Bible Is True? Tickets & Things To Do

Kentucky Noah’s Ark With Dinosaurs: Standing Proof That Bible Is True? Tickets & Things To Do
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Kentucky Noah’s Ark is ready to open this week. It is a 510 feet long and a $100 million attraction that was built by Christians.


The creators of the ark believe that the biblical story really took place. According to Nola, Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis, said that he believe this massive replica will act as one of the greatest Christian “outreaches of this era in history.” Answers in Genesis is the ministry that built the ark.

When the creation of the ark was announced in 2010, the $100 million project had confronted powerful opponents. The opponents said that the Kentucky Noah’s Ark will have detrimental effects on science education so it shouldn’t have won state tax incentives.

Ham said that the massive ark was entirely based on the tale of Noah, the man who received a warning from God about a massive flood. Ham went on to say that the replica will act as the evidence proving that the stories of the Bible are true.

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On Tuesday, a preview was conducted. According to NBC, Answers in Genesis invited the media and thousands of supporters to get a first glimpse of the giant structure, which is mostly made of wood.

While talking to thousands of people in front of the ark, Ham said that people are going to visit from all over the world.

The ark will provide free entry for children under the age of five. Children between 5 to 12 will be charged $28 (Ark Tickets).

Annual tickets for $175 are also available along with combo tickets for Ark Encounter and Creation museum. The combo tickets cost $34 (Ark+Museum) and $99 (7-Day Combo Unlimited), said Ark Encounter.

The trip includes traveling back in time on a mile-long scenic bus ride. The ride will take you through a beautiful valley and across a bridge.

Kentucky Noah’s Ark also features the Ararat Ridge Zoo, where you can spot some exotic animals. You can also relax with your friends and family at the two-story restaurant inside the theme park.

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