Kensington Palace Staff Threatens To Strike; Find Out Why

Kensington Palace Staff Threatens To Strike; Find Out Why
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The royal family of the Kensington Palace has decided to cut down pay for some staff members. This has made the royal staff threaten to go on strike.


As reported by E! Online, the amount of deduction in their salaries can go up to $5,000 annually, which is a huge amount. The budget of the staff will be hampered as a result.

A spokeswoman for Historic Royal Palaces said in a statement, “We have given a year’s notice of the planned changes and are currently in discussions with the Public and Commercial Services Union.” The statement added that the royal family “very highly and hope to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement.”

Not all staff members have threatened to strike. However, ticket officials, persons in charge of tours, and those who look after exhibits have threatened to strike. This may eventually mean Prince William and Kate Middleton will be in hot water.

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Prince William and Kate Middleton did not have to face such issue in the past. However, this can create a lot of problems for the time being with so many staff members going on staff.

Today has expressed hope that things will be sorted out soon. The staff members who have said that they will walk out should eventually continue working. The royal couple needs help running Kensington Palace, and this cannot be done without the staff. It is important for the royal family to find a solution soon.

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