Kelly Rowland Knows A Secret Behind Beyonce’s “Lemonade” Drama But Won’t Share?

Kelly Rowland Knows A Secret Behind Beyonce’s “Lemonade” Drama But Won’t Share?
Kelly Rowland Eva Rinaldi/FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0
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Kelly Rowland, one of the members of the former singing trio “Destiny’s Child” clearly does not want to talk about her co-band member Beyonce’s new album along with the controversy that surrounded it. During a TV interview, a reporter just got shaded by the singer after he kept on asking her about “Lemonade” which was not what she was there to talk about anyway.


In a WGN interview that was aired on Wednesday, April 27, Kelly Rowland was there to promote her partnership with Claritin and the Boys and Girls Club. However, instead of asking her about those, the reporters asked her questions about her friend’s new album.

“Talking about new music, all the talk this week has been about Beyonce’s new album. Have you heard it yet?” the reporter asked as stated in The Hollywood Life. She politely answered the reporter telling him that the album was “great.” But when the reporter kept on asking her about the same topic, she gave him a short answer and started to talk about what she was supposed to be promoting.

In a report by Refinery 29, it looked like the reporter was waiting for Rowland to tell something about “Lemonade” that would be of news worthy or could become a headline. He asked her if she had heard the new album and what was her thoughts on it and said, “Really different though, right?” and she answered “Yes really different” with a slight mocking.

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“But getting back to what I’m here to talk about…,” she quickly interjected before the reporter could even ask another question about “Lemonade.”

Rowland just proved she is a classy lady and a great friend, not to mentioned focused. A best friend does not speak behind your back after all.

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