Keira Knightley Bald: ‘The Nutcracker’ Star Wears Fake Hair For 5 Years, Here’s Why

Keira Knightley Bald: ‘The Nutcracker’ Star Wears Fake Hair For 5 Years, Here’s Why
KK_610 PROJulian Stallabrass / Flickr CC
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Keira Knightley got almost bald that she needed the help of fake hair to hide it.


What happened to her mane? Did she suffer an illness that caused her falling hair? Has she been experiencing a serious health condition?

While these questions might have been running inside the minds of some fans, here is the report that will give you definite answers. According to the 31-year-old Elizabeth Swan of the famous “Pirates of the Caribbean” film series, she was forced to wear wigs for five years because of the “biggest risk” she did.

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In an interview with InStyle UK magazine, Keira Knightley shared: “I have dyed my hair virtually every colour imaginable for different films.”

“It got so bad that my hair literally began to fall out of my head,” she continued. “So for the past five years I’ve used wigs, which is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to my hair.”

When asked about the best beauty tip she could ever give, the wife of James Righton had this to say: “I was told very early on that if a make-up artist tries to take your eyebrows off, that means he or she is absolute s***.”

Meanwhile, she noted that after becoming a mom, she has adopted this: “My new approach is, ‘Do what you can remember, and don’t worry about it too much.”’

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On the other hand, Variety dished that Keira Knightley will play the role of Sugar Plum Fairy in the upcoming reboot of the Disney film “The Nutcracker.”

Carrying the title “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms,” the live-action movie will have Lasse Hallström at its helm with Ashleigh Powell writing the script, Mark Gordon producing, and Lindy Goldstein executive producing it.

Before seeing Keira Knightley on the big screen as the Sugar Plum Fairy, her acting in “Collateral Beauty” will be put to test first this December.

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