Katy Perry Ups Justin Bieber In Twitter: Orlando Bloom Rumored Girlfriend Is Most Followed

Katy Perry Ups Justin Bieber In Twitter: Orlando Bloom Rumored Girlfriend Is Most Followed
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Katy Perry is now the most followed celebrity on Twitter. She outnumbered Justin Bieber’s 83,892,545 followers.


What is Katy Perry’s secret that millions of people follow her? Was it Orlando Bloom that made her so interesting?

Friend & Follow shared that Orlando Bloom’s girlfriend is being followed by 90,043,511 people making her Twitter’s most followed personality. She was followed in the ranking by Taylor Swift with 79,009,456 followers.

According to Bustle, the “Dark Horse” singer uses her social media platform to tweet relevant social and political issues like LGBT, 2016 education and presidential elections. She campaigns for Hillary Clinton.

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Some young people wanting to have a celebrity role model look up to her because she has been active on the most pressing need of the world today – help for refugees. Recently, she visited Vietnam carrying UNICEF as an ambassador. She has been bestowed the Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award from UNICEF because of her untiring efforts for the impoverished citizens of Vietnam.

It is a great milestone for the “Roar” songstress because being followed by more than 90 million people on Twitter means that she is a woman of substance and wit. It means that she is an interesting person and her tweets make sense.

Meanwhile, Katy Perry has a steamy romantic relationship with Orlando Bloom whom she met at the Golden Globe Awards after-party. They found solace and comfort in each and they enjoyed going out together. They became inseparable since then.

Katy Perry has showed fans that she has big heart when she and Bloom met his ex-wife Miranda Kerr. She even took selfies with her guy’s ex-wife. Now, she has added another follower to her millions of followers – Miranda Kerr.

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