Ban Katie Hopkins From Brussels? Fans Disgusted Of TV Personality’s Hate Tweets Against Refugees, Muslims

Ban Katie Hopkins From Brussels? Fans Disgusted Of TV Personality’s Hate Tweets Against Refugees, Muslims
Brandenburg Gate lit up in Belgian flag colors to show solidarity. PROGillyBerlin / Flickr CC BY

Katie Hopkins received backlash over her tweets following the Brussels attacks. She is blaming the refugees for the said attacks, which earned the ire of many.


On Tuesday, the 41-year-old British television personality and newspaper columnist posted several tweets insinuating that the expatriates, and those who allowed them to enter Belgium, are to be blamed for the terrorist attacks, reported Standard UK.

“Every one of you who said refugees are welcome, if you said ‘let them in’. You are responsible for Brussels,” she pointed out in one post. “And you still can’t see.”

She then continued by posting another message. “Look at you all. Gawping at pictures of death. Fascinated by the chaos you brought to our peaceful countries. You – the left – disgust me.”

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Meanwhile, the last tweet Katie Hopkins shared about the attack in Brussels talked about “lighting up the Tower with the colours of the Belgian flag.Light it up black & white because they’re winning.”

Amid her strong-worded social media posts, her followers aired out their disappointment towards the famous celebrity. A follower noted that “7/7, Paris attacks. Home grown terrorists. Not refugees. @KTHopkins doesn’t know who was responsible for this sick attack.”

Another Twitter user even challenged Hopkins to leave the country. “You do NOT get to speak for our city.  Refugees are welcome, you are welcome to stay out #brussels.”

In the meantime, Mirror UK shared that the former “Apprentice” contestant also emphasized that Europe is no longer safe.

“Next time you hear someone say we are safer IN the EU – remember Brussels. Seen as the heart of Europe, it is now jihadi central. #brexit,” she said.

The posts did not stop there. She likewise accused the Muslims of being happy that the attack happened. It was observed that she even used a hashtag insinuating that Islam is a “Religion of Murder.”

“Any mosques lit up in the colours of the Belgium flag? No – thought not. Just celebrations in prayer houses country-wide #ReligionOfMurder,” Katie Hopkins wrote.