Kathryn Dennis, Thomas Ravenel Of Southern Charm May Be Living Together Again

Kathryn Dennis, Thomas Ravenel Of Southern Charm May Be Living Together Again
Love Alejandra Quiroz / Unsplash
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The lives of the cast of the hit reality show “Southern Charm” are going through severe ups and downs. While the stars are shattered by the shooting incident of South Carolina, the rumors of Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel living together again has made fans excited.


“Southern Charm” cast members living in Charleston where the brutal shooting took place expressed their grief over the incident. Lives of Bravo’s Charlestonians were affected by the whole tragedy, though none of their family members were among the victims.

Craig Conover expressed his grief on Twitter, and he is disappointed by the never-ending racism and terrorism. Shep Rose also expressed his concern about people he knows and is thankful that everyone is fine.

Kathryn Dennis also posted her photo with her daughter stating that they are happy and safe. Controversies came on surface when Dennis and Thomas had a heated conversation in the Season 2 finale of “Southern Charm.” According to a cast update, Ravenel told Dennis he is planning to leave her and their daughter.

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The update by YIBADA also mentioned that Dennis decided to live with her partner for a while as her husband is not giving her financial support. However, there must have been some changes in the equation between the couple in the recent times.

Jennifer E. Snowden, Dennis’ friend, shared a photo where the couple was seen in a group, and both of them had big smiles on faces. In one of the pictures, Ravenel was standing just behind Dennis.

According to a report made by Inquisitr, the couple will watch “Southern Charm” Season 2’s reunion special together. However, Dennis and Ravenel are silent about their relationship status, though fans are expecting a reunion.

  • Ken Rossin

    Thomas is such an old idiot, and a convicted felon. He must be very desperate to be living with this southern freckled trash, Kathryn, who is obviously mentally ill and a stalker. No fool like an old fool. Kathryn has slept with the entire cast of Southern Charm and Charleston. She is disgusting and dirty…a college drop-out with an arrest record who made a complete idiot of herself on national television. Kathryn would be jobless, living with her parents with her illegitimate kid if she didn’t stalk and trap Thomas once again. He must be senile. Revolting people.