Kate To Change Last Name In Season Finale; Will She Reunite With Castle?

Kate To Change Last Name In Season Finale; Will She Reunite With Castle?
Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore via Compfight cc
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Castle season 8 may not have a very good run, but the season finale will satisfy fans. The final episode titled “Mr. and Mrs. Castle” may see Kate changing her last name. Everything that happened may fall into place. The distance between the couple will be finally gone.


While fans are not happy with Kate getting separated from Rick, the “Castle” showrunner has a different opinion. Terence Paul Winter and Alexi Hawley have mentioned in an interview that they think the decision of Kate separating from Rick is right.

In the episode “The Nose,” Kate sniffed Rick’s shirt before she left the loft. Hawley said, “You can read into that a little bit. That’s a really powerful last moment that shows you that all that love is still there.”

Fans are getting curious to know the fate of Rick and Kate in “Castle” season 8. The showrunners have promised we will get to know about it in the finale. Hawley said, “His questions about what’s really going on are what’s ultimately driving us to the end of the fall finale. But I do think that even though she was talking about moving out and she got her stuff, what happened with ‘The Nose’ and everything relieved him a bit.”

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“Mr. and Mrs. Castle” will be the 17th episode of the show. Currently, we are nearing an episode titled “Cool Boys.” Adam Baldwin will be returning as detective Slaughter. He has a case where he is the suspect, and he needs Rick’s help. The episode will show how Rick helps his friend. It will be tough for him as he will be in a dilemma to trust Slaughter without proper information.

One more episode is due before the finale of “Castle” season 8 on November 23. The episode “The Last Seduction” will see the couple investing a murder case together. Let’s find out if the mystery brings them together, ending the season on a happy note.