Kate Middleton Avoiding Princess Duties On St. Patrick’s Day?

Kate Middleton Avoiding Princess Duties On St. Patrick’s Day?
Kate Middleton and Prince William CC BY-SA 2.0

Kate Middleton decided not to present St. Patrick’s Day shamrocks so that she can take care of her children. This sparked online outrage. Many took to their social media accounts to express their anger at the Duchess of Cambridge.


Daily Mail’s Ephraim Hardcastle wrote, “It appears that Kate, in London for Commonwealth Day, was keen to get back to Norfolk and her children.” Hardcastle added. “So William will dole out the shamrocks. Naturally Irish Guards officers are deflated.”

Despite these reasons, NZ Herald reported that many members of the public cannot sympathize with Kate Middleton, because she broke a 115-year-old tradition. They do not believe the mother-of-two seriously misses her children after engaging in a series of activities in London.

Majority felt they were disrespected when the Duchess of Cambridge decided to return home after she completed her engagements in London. They felt bad that she would rather spend time with her children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, who are two-years and 10-months old respectively.

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Many aired their ill-feelings on their Twitter accounts. One of the commenters claimed that it was just disappointing. “I feel disappointed – if the Royals start breaking with good traditions then I’m not sure what they’re there for,” the commenter wrote.

Another sarcastically said that because Kate Middelton started doing this tradition back in 2012, she must be tired of it now. “Well she has done it for the last four years – she probably needs a rest!” the comment reads. “Poor girl must be tired after her holiday,” another hatefully quipped.

For her part, this is the first time that Kate Middleton decided not to perform the ceremony ever since she took on the role from Princess Anne in 2012. Last year, even though she was heavily pregnant with Princess Charlotte, she was still able to carry out the tradition.

This year may have been different because Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William will be going to India and Bhutan next month. The Duchess is probably milking every opportunity she has to spend time with her young children before embarking on another big royal duty.

A Kensington Palace spokesman said: “The Duchess has very much enjoyed the occasions when she has been able to attend, but the Duke is the Colonel of the Regiment and is looking forward to presenting the Irish Guards with their Shamrock.” The statement added, “The Duchess looks forward to marking St Patrick’s Day with the Irish Guards many times in the future.”