Kate Middleton, Prince William ‘Spoiled’, Family Members Jealous?

Kate Middleton, Prince William ‘Spoiled’, Family Members Jealous?
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Global Panorama / Flickr cc
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With their lavish lifestyle, freebies in the form of gifts and holidays to exotic locales, who would not be jealous? Kate Middleton and Prince William have all the luxuries of life and mostly get preferential treatment due to the fact that they are the future queen and king.


This fact does not seem to have gone down well with other members of the British royal family. There is now a new speculation doing the round that other family members may be upset over that they don’t get privileges and lavish gifts, Celebrity Dirty Laundry reports.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in spite of being part-time royals are heaped with gifts from high society people, companies and even others.

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The couple were gifted with a custom Range Rover by the carmaker when Prince George was born in 2013. Even though the luxury car is just three-years-old, Kate and William have put it up for sale.

Besides, the couple along with their kids George and Princess Charlotte enjoyed summer holiday to Southern France in July. They were provided hospitality by none other than British business Michael Green.

He provided Kate Middleton & Prince William with his French chateau — the Chateau La Rocque. With it came other exclusive services like a chauffeur driven car, personal chef, etc.

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The couple also loaned the private jet of the 6th Duke of Westminster, Gerald Cavenvish Grosvenor, who died earlier in August. Kate and William have always loaned the 10 million pound Cessna jet from the duke who was a dear friend of the royals.

Prince Harry lives in a two-bedroom cottage in Kensington Palace. Besides, next year the royal trio will have another new neighbour Princess Eugenie who will rent the three-bedroom Ivy Cottage in the palace.

Kate Middleton has perhaps not paid for one single thing since marrying Prince William. However, other members of the royal family have to pay rent to live next to her.

In another related development, Kate tops the list of Brits Americans wants to see, in a survey conducted by Hotels.com, Hello reports. She is followed by Queen Elizabeth.

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