Kate Middleton, Prince William Fighting? Raising Two Kids Too Difficult!

Kate Middleton, Prince William Fighting? Raising Two Kids Too Difficult!
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Prince William, Kate Middleton divorce? Tell us it’s not true! Reports claimed the two cannot handle the pressure of being parents to two, while the whole world watches on. They are now reportedly fighting like there’s no tomorrow and undergoing couple’s therapy to fix their problems.


This week’s cover of In Touch magazine (via International Business Times) claimed that the highly-admired royal couple is experiencing major problems in their marriage. The magazine asserted that the two are odds with each other and are undergoing couple’s therapy to save their rocky marriage.

The magazine hinted that Prince William and Kate Middleton are starting to feel the strain of living in the public’s eye and as a result, the ordinary squabbles of a husband and wife is being aggravated. Raising their kids while so many are looking on, half of them cheering and half of them mocking them, waiting for them to fail is making Kate Middleton and Prince William fight a lot.

In Touch even quoted an insider who said, “Their issues are on an even bigger scale, and they’re constantly arguing at the moment about the pressure Kate is under, William’s attitude about it and how to raise their kids. They’re going through a very rocky patch.”

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Celeb Dirty Laundry added that because Kate Middleton and Prince William are young, the amount of pressure that they are experiencing to be the perfect role models for the whole of England when it comes to raising their kids can be stressful. The idea that they eventually will be King and Queen of England may also be making them angsty.

The gossip site added that coulee’s therapy might not even be the answer! They are simply too busy with their duties so it will take more than therapy to sort out their issues.

 Gossip Cop, a site designed to clarify these rumors, claimed that In Touch’s report could not be more wrong and untrue.

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