Kate Middleton Gives First TV Interview

Kate Middleton Gives First TV Interview
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Kate Middleton has agreed to have her first television interview since becoming part of the royal family. The lovely lady who married Prince William in 2011 had given her last interview in November 2010. It was the day she got engaged.


Kate Middleton’s first interview after entering the Royal Family was for a film dedicated to Queen Elizabeth for her 90th birthday.

Kate Middleton appeared on camera with Prince William in 2011. This time, after her experience in the family for five years, she will be seen in a solo interview. The film will also have interviews from the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William and other international figures.

Jo Clinton-Davis, ITV’s controller of factual, co-commissioned the film. She said, “It’s a remarkable story of an extraordinary life which in so many ways reflects the changing face of the nation.” She added, “As she reaches her 90th birthday, this film aims to offer a fresh insight into our monarch’s life and work.”

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Nick Kent, executive producer for Oxford Film and Television, said in a statement, “We’ve been fortunate to have the participation of so many members of the royal family to mark this historic milestone in the life of the Queen.”

The queen will be turning 90 on April 21, 2016. Kate Middleton is 34, and she will be seen discussing her life, reign and more on the interview. Other royal members will also have their take on the queen.

The Royal Family has decided to celebrate her birthday in style. The interview sessions will be produced as a film by the team. It will be broadcasted in May this year. Kate Middleton’s first interview after her marriage will surely be an interest-gainer.