Kate Gosselin Guilty Of Corporal Punishment In ‘Kate Plus 8’?

Kate Gosselin Guilty Of Corporal Punishment In ‘Kate Plus 8’?
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Starring empress of all mothers Kate Gosselin, the show Kate Plus 8 recently aired its latest season in TLC.


However, a recently published private diary of Gosselin yielded a bad light to the hands-on grandmother. The said diary shows that Gosselin was not that much of a good parent or grandparent since she practiced corporal punishment on the children. What has reality TV gone into?

Robert Hoffman, the author of “Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World,” an expose released last 2014, revealed the in-depth reality of Gosselin’s parenting mishaps that weren’t aired on her “Kate Plus 8” series on TLC. The published piece showcases the life of Gosselin from 2006-2007, a life she allegedly kept in private. The expose shed a dark light on the authenticity of Gosselin as the perfect model for parenting children.

In one of the excerpts, Gosselin allegedly confesses a rift between her and previous husband, Jon Gosselin, which happened in front of their eight children. The excerpt said, “Things spiraled quickly into a big ugly argument where Jon said really ugly things in front of the girls numerous times and he scared me about his sanity, seriously! I feel like we are the worst parents in the whole world!” The pair eventually divorced in 2009, reported Life & Style Weekly.

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Another part of the expose reveals that Gosselin also imposed corporal punishment on the girls. “Mady was grouchy and received a few spankings with the spanker that newly joined the emergency supply stash in the big blue bus!!!! She eventually happied up!” The referred spanker was said to be a wooden spoon Gosselin used when she scolded her children, reported Radar Online.

In fact, it was also revealed that there was an instance she was tremendously upset that she recorded in her alleged journal, “I grabbed him and spanked him as hard as I could and thought I may seriously injure him so I sent him to his crib… And whipped him into it very hard!”

Despite the negative light shed over Gosselin’s reputation, Kate Plus 8 failed to showcase any episode on the show proving she imposed corporal punishment on her children. Which side of the story do you think is authentic? Was Gosselin a horrible parent or is her image on television her actual true self?