Kasi Bennett Who? Usain Bolt Naked Photos In Bed With Jady Duarte Leaked

Kasi Bennett Who? Usain Bolt Naked Photos In Bed With Jady Duarte Leaked
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Is Usain Bolt cheating on his longtime girlfriend Kasi Bennett? Photos of Jamaican sprinter in bed with a 20-year-old Brazilian student Jady Duarte leaked.


Pictures of the duo are all over social media. A host of Brazilian websites have published pictures of Usain Bolt and Jady Duarte, after the latter shared the pictures on WhatsApp with her friends early Sunday morning, Daily Mail reports.

In one picture, Bolt seems to be kissing Duarte on the cheek while she looks into the camera. They both appear to be all cozy and intimate while in bed.

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Another picture of the two shows shirtless Usain Bolt having his arm around Jady Duarte. The latter wears a white top and poses for the camera with the Olympian.

The student and Bolt had a wild night of partying on the final weekend of the Rio 2016 Olympics, Headline News reports. The star sprinter celebrated his wild 30th birthday at the De Bracos Albertas club in Rio Saturday night.

The intimate photos show the star curled up in bed with the student at 7am local time. Jady Duarte told local publication Extra that she did not know she was with the famous athlete at first.

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Duarte termed her nocturnal encounter with Usain Bolt as “normal.” The Daily Mail has got in touch with the sprinter’s agents for comment.

Besides, Jady Duarte was not the only woman who caught Usain Bolt’s eye. A twitter video of the athlete twerking and grinding with another local girl at the club has also gone viral.

The flamboyant Bolt who won three gold medals in Rio danced till the wee hours. Earlier he took to the stage at the De Bracos Albertas club in Rio thus delighting fans and those present.

Meanwhile, Usain Bolt has a 26-year-old girlfriend Kasi Bennett of two years at home in Jamaica who he calls his ‘First Lady’. His sister Christine Bolt-Hylton revealed just days earlier that Bolt and Bennett were likely to get engaged soon.

The law grad and fashionista posted a cryptic tweet on Sunday stating that she wished there was no “discovery.”



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