Karlie Kloss Slams Philippines Airlines, Was She Reasonable?

Karlie Kloss Slams Philippines Airlines, Was She Reasonable?
Supermodel Karlie Kloss Karlie Kloss / Facebook

Supermodel Karlie Kloss took to both her Twitter and Snapchat accounts to rant against Philippine Airlines, claiming its customer service is the worst in the world. It is now revealed that she was also at fault for the said incident causing her to miss her flight, can it be said that she was unreasonable and being a complete diva?


The 22-year-old model, who is best friends with singer Taylor Swift, initially tweeted about the poor customer service of Philippine Airlines at JFK Airport last Tuesday.

“[Philippine Airlines] has the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE OF ALL TIME,” she said. “Most BUDGET AIRLINE. Rude & disrespectful. Shame on you.”

Without giving details about what went between her and the customer service representatives of the airline, Karlie Kloss posted a Twitter photo of herself.

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She captioned it with, “No one [flies] [Philippine] Airlines . . . and now I know why.”

Karlie Kloss also posted a Snapchat video while aboard plane going to Vancouver, saying, “I travel international on a weekly basis and I have never had a worse customer experience than I have tonight. Thanks Philippine Airlines.”

After the incident, the Philippine Airlines tweeted to Karlie Kloss with apologies for her inconvenience.

Meanwhile, Philippine Airlines has aired their official statement, clarifying that Karlie Kloss was late to board for her flight scheduled at 12:15am.

The model reportedly arrived at 11:40pm, which means she has gone passed the 11:15pm call for the closing of counter, GMA News said in a report.

“We are sorry to hear that Ms. Karlie Kloss was unable to board our PAL flight from New York to Vancouver (PR127) last June 7. As a matter of policy, the PAL check-in counters at JFK (John F. Kennedy) International Airport close one hour before estimated time of departure,” the airlines said.

Philippine Airlines has also noted that Karlie Kloss has now responded to their initial communication and that it was clarified that they did not intend to cause her any inconvenience. The airline also extended their assistance to the supermodel to refund her unused ticket and facilitate the rebooking of her flight.

While Vogue said Karlie Kloss sets an example as to why passengers should always exert their rights and air their grievances in social media, does it seem she went overboard here? Especially if she’s the one who is late?

It also begs the question of whether ordinary passengers who missed their flights and aired their anger will be given the same sweet treatment…

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  • Abel Santa Ana

    There ought to be a hard spanking given to entitled airheads like this model. How the hell can you legitimize your grievances if you arrive to check in late? You haven’t done anything yet to deserve special treatment.