Kaley Cuoco To Be Fired From ‘Big Bang Theory’?

Kaley Cuoco To Be Fired From ‘Big Bang Theory’?
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Kaley Cuoco is going through the toughest part of her life and rumors about her is making the situation worst. After her divorce with husband Ryan Sweeting, she was being link to Sam Hunt. However, words around town is that she was dumped and may even get thrown out from “The Big Bang Theory.”


Rumor has it that Cuoco is being written out of The Big Bang Theory. According to sources, the actress has become a diva on the set. Citing this week’s issue of Star magazine,  Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported a source saying that Cuoco is feeling stuck playing the role of Penny Hofstadter on “The Big Bang Theory.” She is reportedly making her co-actors feel her anxiety about the issue by acting up during filming.

Cuoco’s unbearable mood swing is making the cast and crew feel irritated that even co-star Mayim Bialik does not speak to her unless it is required. The insider revealed Kaley, “flips out about makeup, wardrobe, even the catering.”  Her diva behavior is upsetting many on the set. She maybe one of the highest paid actors on television but she is definitely not the one that people seek. She has completely isolated herself from the cast of the show and such behavior can be quite damaging to her career.

Other reports speculated that she has became difficult to deal with because she is still grieving her split from Sweeting. Cosmopolitan reported her saying in an interview, “[What happened] changes the way I look at marriage, and that makes me sad.” The actress may in fact be in the rush to find love again. “It (failed marriage) does not change the way that I look at love. I cannot wait to be in love again,” she said. Fans also suspect that her failed romance with Sam Hunt may have added up to her pain.

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  • Anton B.

    The author of this article needs to be sent to a course in English 101.

    “rumors about her is making the situation worst”
    “After her divorce with husband”
    “she was being link to Sam Hunt”
    “However, words around town”

    • Ken

      This does make one wonder about the veracity of everything else the article says… or is that “…what it say”?