Kaitlyn Bristowe Receives Death Threat For Sleeping With Nick On Bachelorette 2015

Kaitlyn Bristowe Receives Death Threat For Sleeping With Nick On Bachelorette 2015
tiara II Jennifer Donley / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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Kaitlyn Bristowe’s decision to sleep with Nick Viall has landed her into a lot of controversies. Fans have not taken this positively, resulting into some firing tweets and even death threats. Kaitlyn received death threats and curses for sleeping with Nick on Bachelorette 2015. This is actually one of the most sensational seasons of the show that is reaching its final rose ceremony on July 26.


Kaitlyn decided to have sex with Nick when there were eight suitors left in the show. This is something uncommon in Bachelorette but she was wholeheartedly supported by host Chris Harrison.

In the episode where ABC’s Men Tell All, Chris read out some of the nasty tweets that the show received. Kaitlyn had a tough time holding back tears.

One of the tweets read, “Selfish whore” who should “crawl in a hole and die.” Kaitlyn particularly felt pained because it was written by a mother.

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Kaitlyn spoke out on the whole thing saying, “I like to think of myself as a tough person … but spreading hate the way people have been is not okay and it’s been hard.”

Kaitlyn talked about her relationship with Nick, the connection with Jared and the sweet relationship with Ben. The episode had a lot to discuss and every single contestant had something to say about each other.

In the episode where the men tell all about the arrival of Nick, as well as the controversial, dramatic departure of Ian, Tanner said, “I would call the rest of these guys friends for the rest of my life but I didn’t get the chance to call you that.”

Ian on the other hand said sorry for his explosive remarks. “I’m getting down on my knees to say I’m sorry; I’m sorry to Kaitlyn, I’m sorry to her family and sorry to her mother.”

Men Tell All is the annual episode of every Bachelorette season where men talk about their feelings about the show. This season was not different. The finale is just too close and as reported earlier we guess we already know who is going to walk out with the lady on Bachelorette 2015’s final rose day.