JYJ Member Park Yoochun Sexual Assault Cases Update: Actor Not Guilty, Will File Countercharges?

JYJ Member Park Yoochun Sexual Assault Cases Update: Actor Not Guilty, Will File Countercharges?
LG전자 / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Park Yoochun can be acquitted from the four sexual assault charges filed against him.


Police authorities conducting the investigation on the singer-actor cited lack of force applied on the victims. In Korea, sexual assault is said to have been done if there is a presence of intense force to warrant an assault.

According to Soompi, this was concluded by the investigators. The beleaguered actor will be acquitted from all the cases.

Park Yoochun Not Guilty

Park Yoochun was summoned by the Seoul Gangnam police for four successive days of questioning. This was regarding the similar complaints filed by four different women. After which, they have proven that the actor was innocent.

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As a result, police authorities are hastening the release of the dismissal papers on the sexual assault cases. They are now on the lookout for possible other cases that they can work on.

As a result, it will be a possibility that the complainants will face the courts too. They can no longer re-file the cases against the actor because of the law on double jeopardy as reported by Movie News Guide.

There were allegations that the actor through his agency has paid out 100 million won to the first victim. This was disclosed when his agency alleged that the first complainant wants to extort money from the actor in exchange for her silence.

The investigators are seeing cases of blackmail, false accusations or possibly extortion against the first complainant. It can be recalled the she dropped the case she filed, which can clearly give a message that she was not telling the truth.

Will Park Yoochun file counter charges against his false accusers? Will he just put everything underneath and move on? The second option might be good for him so that his name will no longer be dragged in a dirty controversy.

Park Yoochun is innocent according to the investigators. Things are clear now and his fans have all the reasons to be thankful.

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