Justin Houston Signs Record-Breaking Deal With Kansas City Chiefs

Justin Houston Signs Record-Breaking Deal With Kansas City Chiefs
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Justin Houston is going to sign a record-breaking deal with the Kansas City Chiefs. The contract is worth $101 million, which is a record for any line-back.


The Chiefs spoke with representatives for Houston regarding an extension before last season. When they were unable to decide on a deal, the line-back made a great gamble by playing out his final-year contract as a rookie-player.

The Chiefs now rewarded their stand-out pass-rusher with a handsome deal on Wednesday. Just hours before the deadline of a long-term deal, the Chiefs confirmed the services of Houston for a six-year, $101 million agreement. This came after a long-term negotiation, which makes the All-Pro the highest paid line-backer in NFL history.

“I just had to make sure I took care of what I needed on the field,” said Houston, who left negotiations in the hands of agent Joel Segal.

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“Once you get paid,” Houston added, “it’s not like you won the lottery. You still have work to do. You can still get better each and every day, so that’s my goal.”

Houston’s massive new deal includes $52.5 million guaranteed, according to a source with knowledge of the deal. The contract is richest in Kansas City’s franchise history, too. The deal also makes Houston the highest paid defensive player in NFL history in terms of guaranteed money.

The 26-year-old Houston led the NFL in sacks last season with 22.

“In situations like this, you have to have a degree of patience,” Chiefs general manager John Dorsey said. “What’s good is it kicks off a very positive attitude for training camp.”