Justin Bieber’s New Song Dedicated To Selena Gomez?

Justin Bieber’s New Song Dedicated To Selena Gomez?
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Justin Bieber’s new song may again be dedicated to Selena Gomez. It seems that the singer has not been able to get out from her spell even after the breakup.


He recently uploaded a video of him singing in a mixing booth. The lyrics of Justin Bieber’s new song goes, “I said, you’re amazing / She said, you must be crazy / I said, no I’m not, well, a little, maybe / and I don’t talk a lot, but when I do, I mean it / and I swear I know an angel, baby, when I see it / I know I do have issues, but I got into it with you / not gonna lie, girl, I miss you / God ain’t that superficial, we spend beautiful moments in a beautiful dream / but ain’t nothing more beautiful than you right next to me.”

It can well be assumed that Justin Bieber is missing Selena Gomez. He has been crazy about his lady love, and even after they parted ways, he kept posting her pictures on Instagram. He was seen with Selena on several occasions, and he seemed completely smitten.

A vacation with Hailey Baldwin made people believe that Justin is in love again. He even posted a picture of them kissing. Everyone thought he will make their relationship official after coming back. But he is recording this song now. When is Justin Bieber’s new song going to be released? We hope soon, as he already recorded parts of it. Stay tuned as we bring you more developments.

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  • Cool Aman

    Pls let me know when this song be released