Justin Bieber Is Better Model Than Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Calvin Klein Says

Justin Bieber Is Better Model Than Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Calvin Klein Says
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Calvin Klein does not like Kendall Jenner as a model for the recent campaign of the brand. Her legion of social media followers does not impress him. Had he still been the one calling the shots, Jenner would not have the gig at all!


Calvin Klein was talking at an event of Savannah College of Art and Design when he was asked about her inclusion. Perez Hilton reported the 73-years-old saying he would have never cast her if he was the one to call shots. He said in his statement, “You know, I’m really not that familiar with it. I’m honestly not. I’m sure she’s a lovely young woman. It’s not the kind of thing I would have done, even today. Justin Bieber, yes.”

Calvin Klein is not shy at telling that he loves Justin Bieber and would love to see him in the ads though. He mentioned, “I think they’re very good. So many people wanted to be on a billboard or in an ad or in a commercial, and for sure Justin Bieber wanted to do it. I thought that was really good.”

But Bieber and Jenner both have great number of followers! What’s the difference between them? In the eyes of Klein, having many followers is not important for him. In his words, “I don’t think that, long-term, is going to work. I don’t think that’s a great formula for success for the product you’re trying to sell.”

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As Mirror pointed out, Klein also lashed out against Kim Kardashian. “If you take really exquisite photographs of the right people in the right clothes in the right location, and you put it online, that’s fine. Just putting any old clothes on Kim Kardashian, long-term, isn’t going to do a thing,” he said.

It seems that the boss of the underwear world is not too fond of famous sisters when it comes to them being models.

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