Justice League: Wonder Woman Movie Plot Details Revealed, Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam in Fan Art

Justice League: Wonder Woman Movie Plot Details Revealed, Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam in Fan Art
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Suicide Squad and Justice League movie may have stolen the limelight away from Wonder Woman this year. But there’s no denying that the movie is going to be more empowering than any superhero movie released before.


After Gal Gadot’s appearance in Batman v Superman movie, her role as the Amazon princess has clung on to the DCEU fans. Since then, we have come across slight descriptions of her debut movie. But recently, we came across a part of the plot from Wonder Woman movie.

Italian website Badtaste.it had the opportunity to check out footages from the Wonder Woman movie. The video given by WB contained battle sequences, and Gal Gadot as Diana interacting with the outside world.

You can check out the whole article at Badtaste.it. But unfortunately the article is written in Italian. For now, you can read the summarized version of the article by BatMax here.

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The translated description of the article firstly confirms that the movie “Style is Snyder-esque, dark and epic” but “was only referred to the cinematography” rather than the storyline. Although the movie was directed by Petty Jenkins, it looks like Zack Snyder’s vision was influential during direction and visualization.

Fans who have watched the animated feature film of DC Entertainment’s Wonder Woman can easily identify the similarity of the storyline. The movie resolves over Amazon princess Diana and Trevor, but the description has made no reference of their romance in the movie yet.

Wonder Woman movie is mainly about her origin. The story sets off as Trevor’s arrival to Themyscira and his interaction with Wonder Woman. Trevor will later bring Diana to the other side of mankind in hopes of saving humanity.  The article also said, “The movie won’t be a romantic or dramatic opera, but it will heavily feature action scenes.”

Wonder Woman movie will be releasing on June 2nd, 2017.  In other news, we came across a fan art of Black Adam as Dwayne Johnson. Although there have been various fan creations, this is arguably the best version by far. See the feed below.

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