Justice League: First look at Ezra Miller as The Flash, Resurrected Superman and Amber Heard as Mera in Fan Art

Justice League: First look at Ezra Miller as The Flash, Resurrected Superman and Amber Heard as Mera in Fan Art
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The Tuesday’s reveal from Justice League managed to sway fans but it wasn’t enough to satisfy the DC community. However, the production team’s official comments on the movie gave us initial details of The Flash, Batman and Superman to give us a clear picture of their arrival.


During the journalist’s time at Justice League London set, we found out details on Steppenwolf and Batman’s new Batmobile. But the most important of them all, Ben Affleck confirmed Ezra Miller as The Flash. Moreover, The Flash’s homemade armored costume will soon be replaced by a costume made by Bruce Wayne.

Thanks to Comic Book Movie, we got our hands on a fan art by BossLogic. The image reveals Ezra Miller in an armored battle-ready suit similar to Batman armor from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The next image shows Mathew McConaughey as the Reverse Flash. But it does end there.

In another fan art, BossLogic has portrayed their version of resurrected Superman as mentioned by Zack Snyder. He said, “It should be perfect, Longer, I guess [hair]. That’s what the myths are anyway.” However, we hope Clark Kent would look much calmer in the movie rather than a monstrous beast looking to rip apart any living force in his way.

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In other news, Amber Heard as Mera has faced many speculations over the past weeks. While some fans were worried her role could be replaced. This aesthetic fan art of Heard in the jaw-dropping costume of Mera says otherwise. Moreover, according to Heard, the actual costume looks “half suit of armor, half scales.”

In a previous encounter with Ben Affleck, the executive producer of Batman confirmed that the Justice League will be appearing at San Diego Comic-Con this year. Hopefully we can expect more reveals of the movie, probably a teaser? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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  • ShugaPie

    I hope Amber Heard is replaced as Mera. Her antics surrounding the restraining order and divorce case against Johnny Depp, as well as her history of being charged of domestic abuse by her former wife, are an insult to true victims of domestic abuse.

  • J.

    The petition to have her recast is at 1455 and the fellow nerd heards have said if she is found guilty of lying…YET AGAIN, we will definitely boycott the movie/movies. How WB could financially support and promote a girl that needs psychiatric help more than a roll is beyond us. It might be easier to get rid of the character all together. August can’t come soon enough, we need to figure out what movies are worthy of our time.