Justice League: Ezra Miller as The Flash in New Armor, Reverse Flash in Fan-art

Justice League: Ezra Miller as The Flash in New Armor, Reverse Flash in Fan-art
The FLASH never made the cut like Super Heroes, Batman and SUPERMAN Steve Baker / Flickr CC BY 2.0

By far DCEU fans have been able to get their first look at all the Justice League members. But Since The Flash made his first appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, his blurry armored suit from the movie has had fans aching for new details on suit.


Fortunately, after the big reveal by Zack Snyder and his team, we got to know initial details about Justice League and especially on The Flash’s armored suit. It has been revealed that Ezra Miller’s initial costume will be replaced by another version designed by Batman. Although its details hasn’t been described in-depth, fan-artists are trying their best at portraying them.

Thanks to Comic Book Movie, we came across two new fan-arts designed by BossLogic. The artist shared two new images of The Flash and Reverse Flash. While it isn’t possible that the movie’s version of suit could be similar to this concept, the fan-art does a wonderful job at portraying Ezra Miller in a mechanical suit with bolted armor.

Matthew McConaughey looks terrifying and seemingly the best cast to play as Reverse Flash. But BossLogic has just shared his view and it’s not the official casting by DCEU. The studio’s progress with The Flash movie is currently under the hood.

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This isn’t the first time BossLogic digitally designed The Flash’s armor. In an earlier article we reported his initial representation of Ezra Miller as Barry Allen in the the speedster suit. You can check it out here.

Judging all the news we have gathered from the big reveal by Zack Snyder at the London set last month, we can be certain that they are working extensively on creating a suit better and nothing close to being similar to the TV series version. We can hope to hear more on it during DCEU’s presence at San Diego Comic-con this year.

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