‘Justice League Dark’ Movie Cast: Eiza Gonzalez As Zatanna Hinted!

‘Justice League Dark’ Movie Cast: Eiza Gonzalez As Zatanna Hinted!
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Recently, it was confirmed that Warner Bros. has begun its production for “Justice League Dark” movie. Furthermore, reports also revealed that Doug Liman has been chosen to direct the DCEU title.


“Justice League Dark” has been rumored to become a DCEU title since a long time. While the movie has been confirmed, there have been rumors that DCEU runners have already approached actors and actresses for casting.

Recently, fans have been excited as there have speculations that Actress Eiza Gonzalez Reyna would play as Zatanna in Justice League Dark. The rumor gained its traction when the 26 year old actresses twitter account started to follow Geoff Johns on twitter.

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As exciting as the news sounds, it has been revealed that the twitter account is in fact run by a “fan club”. Although the account has been verified by twitter, Eiza Gonzalez Reyna doesn’t access the social media page.

Eiza Gonzalez Reyna became a fan favourite after her breakout role in the ongoing From Dusk till Dawn: The Series TV Show. It is believed that her soap operas fans began the rumors by fan-casting the actress for Zatanna role.

In support of the fan-cast, the fan club run twitter account decided to retweet earlier in May that “Zatanna is one of my [Eiza Gonzalez Reyna] fav as well”. check out the tweet below.

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Reyna’s rumor to play as Zatanna once again gained its traction when the actress shared a picture of herself on Instagram. The image revealed Reyna in a black leather costume similar to Zatanna from DC Universe. However, her description clarified that it was in favour of her show From Dusk Till Dawn. Check out the image below.

Earlier, Ron Perlman was also rumored to play as Swamp Thing in Justice League Dark. However, the actor confirmed that it was “urban myth internet noise.”

While the recent rumors on Reyna for Zatanna remains unlikely to be true, the actress’s possibility to be soon approached for the role in Justice League Dark remains.

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