Julian Assange WikiLeaks October Surprise: Schedule, Live Stream And Facts To Know

Julian Assange WikiLeaks October Surprise: Schedule, Live Stream And Facts To Know
Assange speech at Ecuador embassy wl dreamer / Wikimedia Commons cc

A planned announcement in London was cancelled. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is now planning to appear in Berlin.


Assange will appear via video on Tuesday morning at WikiLeaks’ tenth anniversary celebration. This will act as the latest addition to the series of festivities that would be taking place this week in Germany.

It was declared on the WikiLeaks’ Facebook page and Twitter that the founder of the organization will speak at the event, which takes place at 3 a.m. Eastern time. The Internet transparency organization, WikiLeaks, announced that the change of venue was made “due to specific information.”

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According to Heat Street, the organization did not specify any further. However, the publication noted that on Monday, several tweets were made saying WikiLeaks accused the Clinton camp of wanting to assassinate Julian Assange.

It was also reported by certain sources close to the event that Assange might be planning to disclose fresh information, which was obtained by his organization, regarding the U.S. Democratic Party.

However, the reports did not specifically confirm whether the Australian founder has plans to release information on Hillary Clinton.

Assange had made arrangements to deliver a speech from the balcony of the Ecuador Embassy, during which it was expected he would leak data that could be devastating to U.S. presidential candidate Clinton.

“Tomorrow’s press conf in Berlin proceeds. London speech by Assange has been moved to Berlin due to specific information,” Wikileaks wrote on Twitter.

In August, Assange stated that he was planning to release “significant” information about the Democratic nominee before the November 8 elections, said CNet.

“I don’t want to give it away,” Assange told Fox News in August.

“But it’s a variety of documents, from different types of institutions that are associated with the election campaign, some quite unexpected angles, some quite interesting, some even entertaining.”

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  • I believe this will turn out to be a bad week for the old liar, crook, and her rape artist husband.
    How many lives are they allowed to destroy before being stopped.

    • Glen Freeman

      Not as many as those from Trump University & those he sniffed with his 6 bankruptcies.

      • Hillary gave weapons to al qaeda and ISIS (which is treason) and toppled Gaddafi, causing the refugee crisis in Europe. And you’re going on about bankruptcies.

        • Glen Freeman

          All because Trump said so. If he told some people to drink poison while he watched them they would do it. I’m too smart to be fooled by an uneducated person like him. I know a fraud when I see one. Just look at his main group of followers!

      • gunsmith22022

        if trump was doing anything illegal, don/t you think that he would have been indited for it? if you have ever had a business of your own, you would know that every endeavor does not work out. trump has added value to the u s economy, clinton has only bled it for her own gain. …broke when they left the white house, but multi millionaires now? explain how that works if you are not corrupt

        • Glen Freeman

          Trump helped his pocket & his family. Don’t u think HC would have been indicted as well for illegal acts? DT University was ILLEGAL, FOUNDATION illegal, brooked Cuban EMBAGO. ALL ILLEGO.

        • Glen Freeman

          It’s okay to pay athletes 10 of millions to use their name on item to draw customers but it’s a crime to pay few $$$ in comparison to an ex president or secretary of state? Highest office in the land? How unreasonable!

      • Mark G.

        But plenty did come out… You didn’t see it Glenny boy?

    • Glen Freeman

      You were fooled once again…..this time hoping to get info to use against HC to win the election because your candidate intelligence can’t win it. It takes someone more matured than a kid and someone who is not a “National Disgrace” to hold such a high office. Colin Powell was right to refer to him as such a person.

  • Mark G.

    It really surprises you that she wants Assange dead?

    • Glen Freeman

      What surprises me is the many millions who buy DT nonsense and childish behavior. He makes me sick watching and listening to him. Ninety percent of those I talked to are embarrassed about him – I am too. Should he be elected to office your 1st lady will have a lot of disgraceful pictures on the front pages of many news papers I imagine & on mainstream media. God help us!

      • Mark G.

        And that what has what to do with my comment?