Julian Assange, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump Joining Forces To Defeat Hillary Clinton?

Julian Assange, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump Joining Forces To Defeat Hillary Clinton?
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Since the leak of the Democratic National Congress’ internal emails last month, it seemed like Hillary Clinton is being cornered in the presidential race.


The entire conundrum started late last month, when WikiLeaks released almost 20,000 internal emails and dumped them on the Internet. WikiLeaks founder and “editor in chief” Julian Assange was interviewed recently. In the interview, he was asked to explain why he released the Democratic National Committee’s hacked emails.

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The interview was essential as it asked Assange whether the hacked emails were obtained through Russian intelligence services, said The Daily Beast. According to Assange, he was obligated to WikiLeaks’ “readers.” He said that the step to release the emails hours before Hillary Clinton accepted her party’s nomination was obviously opportunistic.

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“If we published after, you can just imagine how outraged the Democratic voting population would have been,” Assange said.

“It had to have been before.”

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While talking about how he got the hacked documents, Assange remained firm on not disclosing it. He said he cannot talk about that as it might reflect on “sourcing to rule things in or rule things out.”

Hence, he would not reveal if Vladimir Putin’s domestic and military intelligence agencies hacked the DNC. However, this could be true. The Russian President has been possessing an old grudge against the Democratic front-runner. This is because she tried to demolish his rule when he was extremely vulnerable. This was in 2011, when Putin was trying to become president for the third time.

There was a mass protest against him, as thousands joined the movement and called for Putin’s resignation. Several allies of Putin defected and joined oppositions. During that time, Putin went to a crisis meeting with his advisers on December 8, 2011. There, Putin accused the Democratic candidate, who was then the U.S. Secretary of State.

Putin said it was Clinton who was influencing the protest and setting the tone for the agitation. He also said that the U.S. State Department is directly aiding protesters against him and abating his rise, reported TIME.

Thus, it is possible that Russian intelligence handed everything they hacked to a digital collective like WikiLeaks, which stands committed to total “transparency” for the purpose of manipulating a foreign election.

This would act as a great benefit for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Masha Gessen, Russian American journalist, talked about this issue in an interview. Gessen is the author of a critical biography of Vladimir Putin called “The Man Without a Face, the Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin.”

According to her, Putin would prefer Trump over Hillary Clinton. He liked certain things about Trump, including his statement about NATO, and that he completely unaware of what is going on in Ukraine.

The LA Times reported that Trump is ignorant of Russia waging war on Ukrainian territory for over two years.

“That’s nice for Putin.” Gessen said.

“He would much prefer to deal with an ignorant buffoon as an American president than he would with a master strategist and a policy wonk and a hawk like Hillary Clinton.”

The New York Times reported that Trump projected a friendly voice when it came to Russia. He spoke of having friendlier and warmer ties with Russia.

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  • LuSypher

    Putin is also responsible for the latest X class solar flares from the Sun, the birth of Prince Harry’s latest child and bad service on local airlines.
    He is a BAD boy!

    • Herman Miller

      It is unreasonable to suggest that he is responsible for these things that are clearly beyond his control.
      He does control the Russian government and it is eminently possible and likely that he is behind the hack and leak.
      It would be to his great advantage if he could cause the election of an idiot as President of the US.

  • Colourful George-Foreman Manda

    The media is ling- Trump secretly control Russia through Ukraine and Putin secretly control USA. Bitch ass niggaz

  • Now there’s an Axis of Evil for ya!

  • I think the hack was by French or German intelligence to help get a bellicose Trump elected, which would push Britain back into the EU. It makes sense. After all, they need more strong economies in the EU to balance out the eastern and southern Europeans. Prove me wrong.

  • canali

    have no doubt that post labour day more mud slinging and real dirt will turn up on both parties.
    seldom has politics been so entertaining (and equally depressing given the black eye America is receiving world wide)…will be very interesting to see what happens in the end.