Julian Assange Assassination Plotted Before November Elections – Included In Hillary Clinton Hit List?

Julian Assange Assassination Plotted Before November Elections – Included In Hillary Clinton Hit List?
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Julian Assange is being targeted for assassination by Hillary Clinton, as claimed by political commentator Paul Joseph Watson in a new video.


On December 2010, a video came into existence showing Bob Beckel having a conversation with FOX News aboutkilling the founder of WikiLeaks. However, the footage has acquired heightened significance, particularly after the DNC emails hack.

In the video by Paul Joseph Watson titled “Will Julian Assange be Assassinated?” he describes the theories behind the assassination of Julian Assange, according to Bizpac Review.

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In the video, he first names Bob Beckel, who once worked for FOX and now for CNN, making such comments. The second person he names is Politico journalist and pro-Obama author Michael Grunwald, who also called for the assassination of the Australian internet crusader.

Watson mentioned a tweet from orthodox Democratic sympathizer Grunwald, which said that he could not wait to strike on the WikiLeaks founder. Such cryptic tweets, according to Watson, is indicative of the fact that an assassination attempt might be taking place.

The tweets in question came the day after the WikiLeaks founder suggested that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich might have been the leakster that provided the emails. The leak resulted to the resignation of former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

But the most interesting of all was the Bob Beckel commented about assassinating the Australian man. “A dead man can’t leak stuff. This guy’s a traitor, he’s treasonous, and he has broken every law of the United States,” Beckel said during the conversation with FOX News.

“And I’m not for the death penalty, so … there’s only one way to do it: illegally shoot the son of a b**ch.”

It has been said that, like Grunwald, Beckel is a Clinton operative and a Democratic crony. However, according to Snopes, it remains undetected whether Beckel was employed by Hillary Clinton at any point in time.

The publication noted that Beckel worked in the U.S. Department of State during the Carter administration, wrote columns for media outlets, and hosted The Five on FOX News. Very recently, he made commentaries on the 2016 presidential elections for CNN.

It is hard to indicate whether he had ever served as a Hillary Clinton campaign strategist. The surprising part of the whole situation involves the tweet by WikiLeaks, which said that Hillary Clinton strategist Bob Beckel is asking for Julian Assange to be assassinated.

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  • JCDavis

    “A dead man can’t leak stuff.”

    He said that six years ago and this is your evidence? Dumb. Killing Assange at this point does nothing good for Hillary. If Assange has any more emails, they will be released by his associates.

    • kevin bauer

      Exactly , Assange’s associates would leak everything they have in retaliation for his murder and nobody knows exactly what they have.
      Peace Y

  • MissV

    Assange, Manning and Snowden reveal the truth – three of the greatest heroes of our time.

    In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act. – George Orwell

  • Adam Oakeley

    Snopes as a source? Snopes is a Soros funded socialist propaganda rag.

    • kevin bauer

      Links proving Soros funds Snopes please.
      Peace Y

  • kevin bauer

    And just how do they propose to assassinate him inside the Ecuadorian Embassy? Storm the Embassy and shoot him inside ? That would be an act of War and if found to be even in part condoned by the US Government , they would be ostracized from the UN.This is pure fantasy.
    Peace Y

  • AC1USNRetired

    When has ANY well known Republican called for assassinating ANY non-Republican?