Julia Roberts Going Blind & Feeling Ugly: Ryan Murphy Stops Her From Retiring?

Julia Roberts Going Blind & Feeling Ugly: Ryan Murphy Stops Her From Retiring?
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Julia Roberts is reportedly ready to bid her acting career goodbye, and would rather concentrate on television because of self pity.


Allegedly, Julia Reports is going blind, feeling too old, and thinking she’s too ugly to be in movies, as some old reports suggested. Ryan Murphy’s current offer to her just proves otherwise.

Radar Online exclusively learned that Julia Roberts is now in final talks with “American Crime Story” show runner Ryan Murphy. The enigmatic television figure reportedly wants her to be part of a new production.

The role is hard to resist as well. According to the insider, Julia Roberts is offered to play the former “Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco.”

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The former governor makes for an interesting story to cover since she was the politician heavily criticized for allegedly mishandling the Hurricane Katrina disaster in 2005.

According to the report, Ryan Murphy has an interesting spin on the said tragedy and the role of the ex-governor. The report claimed that Murphy cannot think of anyone who can portray Blanco than Julia Roberts.

Ryan is keen to offer a bold new take on the tragedy, and he can’t think of anyone better than Julia to do it,” continued the source.” He’s been wooing her for a very long time, telling her it’s the perfect opportunity for her to do some impactful TV

Their talks have been very positive and successful that they are now in the stage of working out the financial terms of this project. If this report is true, we’ll soon see Julia Roberts back on TV.

Last month, a report by National Enquirer got really quite disparaging on Julia Roberts’ health and acting prowess. The report claimed that Roberts is going blind, becoming too ugly and old, and even unhealthy to handle her acting career.

The source claimed that Julia Roberts was born clinically blind in one eye, and “her vision is going.” “That’s why she wears eyeglasses more often now,” the source even detailed.

“She looks a lot older than she does on camera. Her skin has started to sag and wrinkle, her crow’s feet are as plain as day, and jowls are beginning to form,” the source said.

Julia Roberts reportedly also developed rheumatoid arthritis, “which makes her tired and miserable with lots of joint pain,” the source added.

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