Judge Receives Letters From Fans Ahead Of Tom Brady Ruling, Releases Them

Judge Receives Letters From Fans Ahead Of Tom Brady Ruling, Releases Them
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During the days leading to U.S. District Judge Richard Berman’s decision on New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s suspension, he received a lot of advice from football fans who wish to help him reach a sound decision. A few months ago, Tom Brady received a suspension for four games for his alleged role in the NFL “Deflategate” scandal. Recently, however, Judge Berman had ruled that Brady’s suspension be overturned immediately as it was found to be “fundamentally unfair.”

In a copy of the ruling obtained by The New York Times, Judge Berman said that the suspension was actually based on a number of “significant legal deficiencies.” These include denying Brady of the opportunity to examine one of the two lead investigators, NFL Executive Vice President and General Counsel Jeff Pash. In addition, the court also asserts that there is no current policy in the NFL that subjects a player to disciplinary actions should he be found to have general awareness of a misconduct done by someone else in the sport. Furthermore, it states that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had actually designated himself as an arbitrator of Brady’s appeal.


Since the ruling, Judge Berman had released some of the letters sent to him by football fans as public record. Some support his recent ruling while others are not happy with it. Vincent Femia firmly believes that Commissioner Goodell’s decision to suspend Brady lacks both fairness and consistency.

Meanwhile, fan Robert Wilensky also believes that there simply was no clear evidence to show that Brady had anything to do with altering the air pressure of the footballs. But should the quarterback’s suspension hold, he also believes that the all NFL games should also be suspended until the said appeal is resolved. This is done in the name of competitive fairness.

Perhaps, the most interesting letter came from Vanessa Ivelich, a teacher at an elementary school in Nevada. She said that although her sixth grade students are actually Brady fans, they also believe that the quarterback had, in fact, chosen “not to play by the rules” since Brady would be “plain stupid if he couldn’t tell” that the footballs were deflated below standard.

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She and her students believe that Brady has cheated as a matter of common sense. And therefore, they now post a simple question: “Is Mr. Brady above common sense?” To end, Ivelich also suggested a good use for the money in case Brady got fined. That is, to give the money to the NFL fund that helps players with head trauma.


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